Jed Stone - Bio

Jed started out fronting top comedy showband “Scholar” as guitarist and vocalist. The band were very popular in U.K., learning their craft the hard way starting by playing the then notorious Northern club, and progressing to touring Britain and eventually all over the Europe  They released the single “Bambino” which unbelievably failed to reach the charts only by about 1 million copies!

The band however made many successful tours of Germany for Her Majesty’s Forces and of Europe for the United States Airforce and had a fantastic time doing it. When the band finally went their separate ways Jed moved into comedy, at first as a comedy guitar and vocalist in the same hard Working Mens Clubs and eventually becoming a stand up comic in his own right.

He has survived to tell the tale and he reckons that grounding has made him now into one the funniest and most respected comedians in Great Britain.

Jed is a comedy buff and a bit of a football anorak, and has an extensive collection of comedy classics from some of the greats of stand up, the old stuff is still the best stuff.

Jed and his wife Jackie raise money for The National Autistic Society through various events which included Jed competing in The Great North Run, he also raised money for Cerebal Palsy Sports.

They have a young son Oscar, another football nut.